Special Shaped Rugs

Every home comes with varied aesthetics, quotidian sized rugs don’t fit your home all the time. Sometimes the choice demands uniqueness. That’s why you need us, Extraweave comes into the spotlight with an impressive collection of Natural Fiber Rugs, where you can select your desired customized rug materials including the much-exclusive Sisal that is exquisitely designed to match your home styles. Unlike others, we present you with a chance to pick out a design and shape it in anyway your home needs. Our range of material, customized sizes, different shapes, and unique border finishes fits all sorts of custom design spaces. Just get in touch with us to secure the right choice of rugs.


Custom Rug Features

We offer high quality and durable rugs in standard and customized options. Now feel confident in your decision to choose customized rugs for home as we deliver products that exceed expectations in terms of quality. The custom rug features are listed below.

  • Custom sizes up to 98 feet long and 13 feet wide
  • Custom shapes are available
  • Over 100 types of weaves
  •  Borders made from the high-quality canvas; thicker and heavier than most binding in the market

Types of Rug Options

Our design experts understand every nuance of your requirements. They possess the wisdom to understand that every home demands different requirements. Hence we have offered customized rugs and runners to meet every home. Some popular shapes are :.

  •  Round
  •  Semi-circle
  • Square
  • Hexagon
  • Right Corner Clipped
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  •  Pentagon
  • Octagon
  • Left Corner Clipped
  • L-shaped
  • T-shaped
  •  Fireplace Cutout

Of course, this list is incomplete as every custom choices demand different requirements. However, these are the most popular choices we have. Having said that, we have the bandwidth to accommodate almost all your requirements. The customization process is fairly easy and transparent. Simply select the desired rug attributes like size, shape, material, and colour. After understanding your requirements and after selecting the specific sizes, we manufacture your rug.

Benefits of Our Rugs

Extraweave collection of authentic rugs are made out of 100 percent natural fiber that ensures you receive the most beautiful and comfortable fabrics. Our exclusive collection of rugs is made out of materials like wool, sisal, and jute. All the rugs are manufactured in our little hometown of Cherthala in Kerala, India under strict quality control to meet the desired standards. We also offer free shipping orders all across the nooks and corners of India.

Customize Your Rug Today

Extraweave can customize rugs to certain shapes and sizes that fit your home, all available in a range of colors and natural fiber materials. Contact us today or call our team at    +91 9846666998 or mail us at enquiries@extraweave.com to discuss your size specifications so we can create the rug you have been looking for.